2014-12-14 Tomasz SpustekMinor adjustments and code cleanup 0.3
2014-12-12 Tomasz Spusteksave/load decomposition setup
2014-12-10 Tomasz SpustekFreq/scale filt in maps from command line
2014-12-09 Tomasz Spustekturn on/off original signal in maps
2014-12-09 Tomasz SpustekFreq/scale filt in maps affect signal reconstruction...
2014-12-09 Tomasz SpustekOutput handling when starting from command line
2014-12-09 Tomasz SpustekBetter output handling, BOOK not destroyed automaticaly
2014-12-08 Tomasz SpustekMajor visualization update, filt_in_maps, keypress_in_m...
2014-05-07 Tomasz SpustekTukey window instead of obscure Hann-something window
2014-04-30 Tomasz SpustekBeginning in atom properties
2014-04-01 Tomasz SpustekFew typos corrected
2014-04-01 Tomasz SpustekMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-04-01 Tomasz SpustekBetter BOOK output after counting a map
2014-03-31 Tomasz SpustekBug in map drawing (always first trial) corrected
2014-03-31 Tomasz SpustekXlim in reconstruction drawing corrected
2014-03-28 Tomasz SpustekRectangular envelopes enabled
2014-03-28 Tomasz SpustekCode cleanup
2014-03-27 Tomasz Spustekpossibility of returning map instead of drawing it
2014-03-27 Tomasz SpustekRunning pop_mp_calc without gui and writing history...
2014-03-26 Tomasz SpustekOne more little bug...
2014-03-26 Tomasz SpustekBug in resulting decomposition viewer - one more time :)
2014-03-26 Tomasz SpustekBug in resulting decomposition viewer
2014-03-26 Tomasz SpustekLoading/Saving of BOOK variable - repaired
2014-03-26 Tomasz Spustekhold on bug correction plus visualisation tools refinements
2014-03-25 Tomasz SpustekHuge update
2013-05-17 Tomasz Spustekbug in displaying of next epoch, while on last atom...
2013-05-15 Tomasz Spustekmistake with dimensions of X matrix in some strange...
2013-05-06 Tomasz SpustekMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-05-06 Tomasz Spusteksmall simulation file upgrade and removal of
2013-04-30 Karol Auguštindelete obsolete backup files 0.2
2013-04-30 Tomasz Spustekcrucial update
2013-04-30 Tomasz Spustekatom/map ploting - all parameters correct - 1.25 of...
2013-04-30 Tomasz Spustekatom/map ploting - correct width parameter - 0.75 of...
2013-04-30 Tomasz Spustekatom ploting - parameters, labels, colors - 0.5 of...
2013-04-29 Tomasz SpustekX-tics and Y-tics one more time, minor labels update...
2013-04-29 Tomasz SpustekHandling exceptions while ploting before calculations...
2013-04-29 Tomasz SpustekREADME file addition
2013-04-29 Tomasz Spustekcatch abortedByUserException
2013-04-29 Karol AuguštinTry to catch OutOfMemoryError
2013-04-28 tspusX-tics, Y-tics and freq-scale set to normal
2013-04-26 Karol AuguštinCode cleanup
2013-04-26 Karol AuguštinAdd GPL license header to source files
2013-04-26 Karol AuguštinAdd license file, we're on GPL now on
2013-04-26 Karol AuguštinAdd temporary files to .gitignore
2013-04-26 Karol AuguštinDelete obsolete countAmap functions
2013-04-25 Tomasz Spustekcorrect initial labels for every ploting window - at...
2013-04-25 Tomasz Spustekfrom samples to seconds in maps-ploting
2013-04-25 Tomasz Spustekfrom samples to seconds in atom-ploting
2013-04-25 Tomasz Spustekfunctions in atom-ploting
2013-04-25 Tomasz Spustekfix for maps ploting
2013-04-25 Karol Auguštindelete obsolete files and functions
2013-04-24 tspusplotting t-f maps, something is wrong with weird atoms...
2013-04-24 Tomasz Spustekploting t-f maps, almost done - just no switching and...
2013-04-24 Tomasz Spustekremove obsolete files
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekimprovements in ploting (zero arrays finding, correct...
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekretrieving parameters from MP procedure
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekchannel labels while ploting
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekploting is back
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekback to global, persistent is sh***ty
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekfrom global to persistent, ploting still broken
2013-04-23 Tomasz Spustekreorganizing output matrix, ploting is now broken for...
2013-04-22 tspusFull wypas ploting
2013-04-22 Tomasz Spustekdrawing results update
2013-04-19 Tomasz SpustekFix various noticed features
2013-04-19 Tomasz SpustekFix calculation errors and string formating
2013-04-19 Karol AuguštinBetter error handling
2013-04-17 Tomasz Spustekfirst working version
2013-03-19 Tomasz Spustekfirst working version
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