descriptionImport signal from Svarog to Matlab
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2012-05-05 Karol AugustinFix wrong function name in sv_ssvep_matrix function master
2012-04-27 Karol AugustinAdded e-mail to author in copyright notice 1.0
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2012-04-27 Karol AugustinDeleted obsolete functions
2012-04-27 Karol AugustinUpdated docstrings
2012-04-26 Karol AugustinFixed obsolete loops in sv_data function
2012-04-25 Karol Augustinfixed wrong index in data matrix
2012-04-25 Karol Augustinnew function to handle boolean trigger
2012-03-26 Karol Augustinsv_test_ssvep modified
2012-03-26 Karol Augustinadded ssvep test script
2012-03-20 Karol Augustinssvep matrix generator fix
2012-03-19 Karol Augustinfixed function name in sv_sig2trigg_kus
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